Experience exceptional service driven
by an operationally excellent DNA.


Reach any part of India in record time with the country's largest owned fleet comprising 1800+ dry cargo container trucks.


Experience efficient inventory management with Grade A infrastructure at 25+ strategically located, modern storage facilities.



Experience flexible warehousing

Fulfil your short, medium or long-term storage needs efficiently with our world-class Multi User Facilities. Enjoy the unmatched advantage of a well-trained workforce, advanced technologies, streamlined processes and a robust quality management system, at a fraction of the cost.

Building the Future of Supply Chain

We are continually embracing advanced technology integrations to uplevel your supply chain and help you experience the distinctive service excellence that you know us for.


We foster new ideas and appreciate an appetite for risk-taking. We make sure that every employee advances on the path of their choosing, along with their colleagues and the organisation.


Indian logistics during Covid-19 pandemic - The journey from resilience to rebound

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the effects of Covid-19 would drastically change the way we strategize, execute and grow our businesses. The economical, social and political impact of the pandemic will be felt wide and deep. The imminent changes in consumer behaviour will lead to changes in the way the world around us functions. A lot of companies will actively realign their supply chain network and drive lean operations based on the principles of transparency, predictability and agility across the globe.

Pioneering Digital LR in India: The first step towards ‘Contactless Logistics’

With every challenge comes an opportunity to innovate and sow the seeds of a new order. COVID-19 caused unprecedented disruptions across the country. On one hand, where the pandemic exposed the inadequacies of the Indian logistics sector, it also brought to the fore the sector’s ability to innovate & recuperate without breaking down.

Flexible warehousing:
The future of supply chain

India has witnessed some pivotal developments like the implementation of GST, growing support for ‘Make in India’ and increase in the volume of global investments and exposure resulting in major transformations in the warehosuing sector. Leading the pack is a flexible approach to warehousing, enabled by technology.