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We are a value-driven organisation which believes that a strong, cohesive team can achieve anything it aspires to. Inspired to enhance the levels of excellence & collaboration within ours, we foster new & innovative ideas, appreciate risk-taking and encourage diverse perspectives. With constant support in the form of training, mentoring & other essential benefits, we motivate our people to not only strive for brilliance but also galvanise their colleagues into action.


We are transparent

We share our ideas, doubts and suggestions proactively and with complete honesty.

Always say the truth

Truth is what we say and what we do. Whatever the situation, we choose truth over comfort.

Deliver on commitment

Be it with each other or with our clients, we deliver what we promise.

Technology first

We utilise technology to drive efficiency and reliability into our services.

Do the right thing, even when no one is watching

We honour our commitments with integrity and conduct our business the right way.

Challenge the status quo

We constantly push our limits and keep moving, establishing new standards along the way.

Make our customers successful

Customer success is an integral part of our culture. We are constantly helping our clients deliver on their commitments to the market.

Our people help us
foster excellence
The perks of being on our team
Discover what makes Varuna Group a sought-after employer in the Indian logistics space.
Get access to quality infrastructure
Sustainable office premises, dedicated cafeteria and great ambience
Thrive in an inspiring workplace
Flexible work timings, regular upskilling and complete transparency
Receive rewards & recognition
Due appreciation for the value you bring to the organisation
Work with a vibrant team
A young & dynamic set of people with a forward-thinking outlook
Get performance-linked incentives
Thoughtfully outlined programmes for individuals & groups
Get diverse opportunities to grow
Multiple career choices and comprehensive training in your preferred area

Our people are regularly exposed to opportunities to improve their existing skills and develop new ones with the help of a well-planned system for learning & development.

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The inspiring stories of our people & their life at Varuna Group

With over 1500+ people at 60+ branch locations, we bring to you diverse stories from different departments of our organisation. Read the firsthand accounts of our employees and experience our side of the world, from their perspective. Discover how they started, how their career has evolved and what their journey has taught them.

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